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『waiting for the Barbarians』 のキャストの1人、モンゴル人の俳優 “Dulguun-Erdene Garamkhand” とジョニーの2ショットが出て来ました。オリジナルが見つけられなかったのですが、長いジョニーへのファンレターのようなコメントがついているようです。

0104 waiting 2


0104 waiting

One time with the luck of god given to me I played in the same movie and in the same scene with my idol and created a character. I idolized heim ever since I was a child, watching every single movie of his, I was his biggest fan. Not just playing in a movie with him, just seeing him was my biggest dream. But one amazing day I got a chance to play in a movie with him, I will never forget this moment. Shaking hands withJohnny, hugging, making jokes and laughing, wishing each other the best of wishes, becoming friends with him, and even feeding dogs with him is unforgettable and amazing. Johnny would always tell me "good luck kid I believe in you" right before my scene. Those were the best moments of my life. Soon we will meet again, when that happens ill take even better pictures, make even better memories with him, and I'll think of even more funny things to make him laugh and become even grearer friends with him. He is most famous person in the world but he's just like a normal person, he is nice to everyone, there isn't a hint of arrogance in him. To every Johnny fan out there, I love you. From his biggest fan.



ジョニーはいつも、私のシーンの直前に「good luck kid I believe in you」 と言ってくれました。それらは私の人生で最高の瞬間です。彼とまた別の良い映画で、すぐにまた彼と会いでしょう。そして、彼ともっと良い思い出を作り、彼を笑わせて、もっと素晴らしい友人になるでしょう。

彼は世界で最も有名な人物ですが、彼は普通の人のようです。彼は誰にも親切で、傲慢さのカケラもありません。ジョニーファンの皆さん、あなた達が大好きです。  彼の最大のファンより。

IMDb によると、彼の役柄は“少年の囚人”となっています。下の動画で彼を見る事が出来ます。


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